Feelings & Emotions

Preschool is a tough time for kids. They have all of these feelings and emotions that they don't have much control over and are difficult to understand. They often find themselves getting into trouble because of these feelings and emotions that they can't control and it can be very frustrating. My hope is to help them understand them a little bit more, which could help them control them better. Maybe...we will give it a shot!


What are feelings?

Feelings are what we experience as humans. We feel sad when a friend moves far away. We feel happy when we get a new friend. We feel mad when our friend takes our favorite toy. We feel love for our Mommy and Daddy. Each of these are emotions or feelings.

In order to demonstrate these feelings, provide a mirror for the kids and ask them to act happy while looking in the mirror. Smile and laugh and watch your face. Now act sad. Frown, wrinkle your brow. See the difference? Each of our emotions show on our face as we are feeling them. Try a few more, just for fun!


Print the packet I found on TeachersPayTeachers.com and use them to discuss the different emotions David is feeling. Cut out the first page of emotion cards and lay them face down on the table. Ask each child to chose a card and then guess the emotion portrayed on that card. You can then read them the scenarios on the next pages and have the kids guess which emotion David is feeling.
What is David Feeling?

LETTER: N  n for Noisy


The letter N starts the words Noisy, Necklace, Nose, No and Nice. Print the worksheet. Trace the letter with your finger then with a crayon. Color the picture.


 This week we will continue on our Long Vowel lessons and begin Long E.

On Starfall.com: Work on lesson 7 (Pete's Sheep)  http://www.starfall.com/n/level-a/learn-to-read/play.htm?f

On ReadingBear.org:  Long E lesson

Our Long E activity will be to print the puzzle worksheet and out out the puzzle pieces. Sound out the word with the children and see if they can find the matching puzzle pieces. As they make a match, explain the long E sound.  It works best to print these out on cardstock.


Feelings In Color

Colors can show how you feel. To begin this experiment, play some happy music and then ask the children to pick a color and draw a picture of how they feel. It doesn't always work, as many children will always pick their favorite color first. Just see what happens. Then give them a fresh piece of paper and play some sorrowful music. Ask them to draw another picture of how they feel now.

Once you are done with this, compare the pictures the children drew. Talk to them about how different colors can show their emotions. Ask them about the colors they chose and why!

People will use different colors to bring about certain feelings in others. For example, if you are feeling angry, you can look at a soothing color like blue and it might help to calm you down. Looking at the color yellow can make you feel happy and excited.


Happy & Sad Sorting

Cut out pictures from magazines of people who look happy and people who look sad. Make a Happy Face and a Sad Face. Shuffle all the people in a pile and place the happy face on one spot and the sad face on another. Ask the children to pick a picture from the pile and look at their face to decide if they look happy or sad. Sort all the pictures and discuss what makes the people look happy or sad.

Paper Plate Numbers

Materials Needed:
10 Clothespins
Paper Plate

Write the numbers 1 - 10 on the clothespins. Divide the paper plate into 10 segments and draw 1 - 10 dots in each segment. Place the numbered clothespins in a bowl. (you can color code the numbers and dots, if you feel like it may help)

Ask each child to pick a clothespin and read the number that is on it. They will then find the correct place on the paper plate to place their number.


ART - Faces 

Provide the children with paper and colors. Ask them to draw a happy face and a sad face. Once they are done, ask them what made their faces happy and sad.

CRAFT - Emotional Faces 

Check out this craft on DLTK's website! It is pretty simple and can be used for demonstrating many of the feelings you will be talking about this week.



On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Duck-Goose-How-Are-Feeling/dp/0375846298/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1369752262&sr=1-1&keywords=duck+and+goose%2C+how+are+you+feeling

A sweet book which will simply describe some feelings such as happy, sad, scared and proud.

            On Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Way-I-Feel-Janan-Cain/dp/1884734715/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1369752363&sr=1-1&keywords=the+way+i+feel

This is a great book for helping preschool kids to learn to express their feelings with words.

MUSIC (and Gross Motor)

If You're Happy and You Know It

What a fantastic song for this week! Use this variation in order to incorporate many emotions into the song:

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands, "Clap clap"
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands, "Clap clap"
If you're happy and you know it, and you really wanna show it
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. "Clap clap"

If you're mad and you know it stomp your feet, "Stomp stomp"
If you're mad and you know it stomp your feet,  "Stomp stomp"
If you're mad and you know it, and you really wanna show it
If you're mad and you know it stomp your feet.  "Stomp stomp"

If you're sad and you know it cry out loud BOO HOO,
If you're sad and you know it cry out loud BOO HOO,
If you're sad and you know it, and you really wanna show it
If you're sad and you know it cry out loud BOO HOO

If you're scared and you know it give a shiver "BRRRR"
If you're scared and you know it give a shiver "BRRRR"
If you're scared and you know it, and you really wanna show it
If you're scared and you know it, give a shiver "BRRRR"

If you're silly and you know it laugh out loud "HAHA"
If you're silly and you know it laugh out loud "HAHA"
If you're silly and you know it, and you really wanna show it
If you're silly and you know it laugh out loud "HAHA"

If you're friendly and you know it wave hello "Hi There"
If you're friendly and you know it wave hello "Hi There"
If you're friendly and you know, and you really wanna show it,
If you're friendly and you know it wave hello "Hi There"

If you're excited and you know it shout hurray "Hurr-ay"
If you're excited and you know it shout hurray "Hurr-ay"
If you're excited and you know it, and you really wanna show it,
If you're excited and you know it shout hurray "Hurr-ay"

Dance to the Music

Another fun way to express feelings is to dance to music. Put on some lively music and just let the kids cut loose!


English Muffin Faces

English Muffins
Peanut Butter (or apple butter)
Raisins or Blueberries for eyes
Apples, sliced into different mouth shapes
Raspberries or Strawberries, cut to make noses
Any other items, be creative!

Toast the muffins. Provide spoons and easy access to the peanut butter and allow the kids to "paint" theirs. Then give them the other ingredients and have them make any face they wish.



SO fun and easy. You can find that "shrinky dink" plastic stuff at craft stores. You can use pre-printed ones or even better get the blank ones. Have the kids color them for Dad. Punch a hole in it for the key chain. Make sure to write their name and the year on them BEFORE you bake them.

Once baked, have the kids string some beads onto some yarn. Attach the beads to a keychain ring and the art on the other end. These are so fun because now Dad can carry their original artwork with him wherever he goes!

On The Farm

A farm is a very educational place! There are plenty of interesting animals to learn about, plants that grow, cool jobs, and dirt! All kids (well, most kids) love dirt! We are going to explore the happenings on a basic farm in this fun week full of lessons!

Farm Animal Flashcards!


Print out the flashcards above. Talk about a farm. A farm is a place where people called Farmers work their land raising different animals, such as cows and chickens, for food and also grow their own fruits and vegetables. They get up very early in the morning to begin working and they work very hard. All of their animals have to be fed and their living areas cleaned. Then the farmers have to milk the cows, collect the eggs from the chickens, and shear the wool from the sheep. Their plants must also be attended to. They have to water them amd pick the ripe fruits and vegetables when they become available. Often the farmers make their own furniture, tools, and clothing also! They are very busy.

What kinds of sounds do these animals make? Show them the flashcards and have them make the animal sounds!

LETTER:   Y  y for Yard

Y is for YES, YUM, YIPPEE, and YARD. Farms have Yards, Houses have Yards, even Schools have Yards.

Print the color sheet http://learning-years.com/coloring-pages/letters-numbers/ABC-123_coloring-030.htm

Talk about the sound that Y makes. Trace the letter with your finger, then with a crayon. Color the yard!


Learning about LONG VOWELS can be tricky! This week we will continue to learn what happens when we add the "e" to the end of "short a" words. Review:

On Starfall.com: LONG vowel sounds! This week do the Long A lesson and story 

On readingbear.org: also work on the long A sound, which is usually made by adding an E to the end of a word


Index Card Book:  Add to your book this week by creating words that sound one way with a short vowel and no "e" on the then that will change to long vowels when we add the "e". Use words like "cap", "wad", "mad", "bath", "man", and "tap". Read the words without the silent e, then find out how the word changes when we add the silent e.


Butter Making!

How is butter made? Or a better question is, how was butter made by farmers a long time ago? They made it in a butter churn. A butter churn was a big jug with a huge pole that agitated or mixed up the milk. You would pour the fresh cow's milk into the jug, close the lid with the pole sticking out, and push and pull the pole up and down really quickly. This motion causes the fat in the milk to stick together. After a while, all the fat will be stuck together and that is what we call butter!

Materials Needed:

Baby Food Jars with Lids
Whipping Cream (full fat)

Pour whipping cream into the jars so that they are about half full. Place the lids on the jars TIGHTLY! Have everyone shake the jars as hard and fast as they can. More than likely they will tire out before the process is done. It might be a good idea to only provide 1 jar for every 2 or 3 children so they can take turns. After roughly 15 minutes, you will have butter! (see the Music section for the "making butter boogie") For better flavor, add a little table salt to it.

**Save the butter for the cooking activity later!


Act Like Farm Animals

This is fun and easy! Gather the children and tell them to act like a cow! Allow them to do this for a minute or 2 and then act like pigs! Continue on with this activity as long as they are interested.



Farmers are very hard workers! They are up really early and go to bed late. There are many different kinds of farmers. Some produce crops, or fruits and vegetables. Some raise animals such as cows, sheep or pigs. Most of the fruit, vegetables and meats that we eat are grown and raised by farmers. Their crops can also be used to make our clothing, paper, and many other things. Farmers are very important people!


Math Mats

Print these math mats from Prekinders.com! They are really cute. Provide some white and yellow playdough and have the kiddos make baby chicks to put in the farm yard. The number of chicks they should make is listed on each mat. For a tougher challenge, mix the mats up so they aren't in numeric order.


Farm Play Dough Mat

Farm Animal Patterning

Print this pack from havefunteaching.com. This is a terrific patterning lesson using very cute farm images.


farm sequencing activity Farm Activities


Mommy animal and Baby animal Matching

Mommy & Baby Matching Cards

You can print the above cards and use for a few different games!

You could play a basic Memory game where you mix them up and turn them face down on the table. Have each child take a turn turning over the cards 2 at a time to try to match a mommy to a baby. Once they have found a match, remove those cards.

You can print out enough copies for each child and cut them out. Mix them up and have the kids make matches on the table. You could even have them glue them to a piece of construction paper in pairs.

You could even just hold up a picture of a mommy animal and have the kids find the matching baby.


ART-Yarn Collage

Materials Needed:
Construction Paper
Lots of strips of yarn in multiple colors
Glue (white school glue works best)

This is an art project so there is no real goal! You can explain that we are using yarn because it is like the fiber farmers weave from Sheep's wool. (That is how we are tying it in to the farm theme) Allow the kids to pull whichever and however many pieces of yarn that they want and glue them to the paper. They could make a pattern, but more likely it will look like a big pile of mulit-colored spaghetti when they are done. Free art expression is a great thing for their little minds and is also great for their fine motor skills.

CRAFT - Hand Print Sheep

Crafts are generally more goal oriented. They are trying to reproduce something, but in their own way.

Materials Needed:
Black Paper
White Paper
White Chalk
White Cotton Balls

Begin by using white chalk to trace each kid's hand onto the black paper. Make sure their fingers are spread out wide! Cut them out.

Give the kids their handprint, a piece of white paper, a pile of cotton balls and glue. Ask them to glue their hand print to the paper. Show them that their thumb will be the head of the sheep and their fingers are the legs. You can even draw a little face on the thumb to help them see it! For even more fun, use googly eyes.

Next have the kids glue cotton to the body of their sheep. When they are done and dried, hang them up around the room.


On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/House-That-Built-Barefoot-Paperback/dp/1846860512/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1369326597&sr=1-3&keywords=the+house+that+jack+built

This is a fun, repetetive rhyming book that is a delight to read!

On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Barnyard-Banter-Denise-Fleming/dp/0805087788/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1369326682&sr=1-1&keywords=barnyard+banter

A really fun and interactive book  in which everyone can have fun making farm animal sounds!


Making Butter Boogie!

You can sing this while making the butter in the Science lesson!

Shake it UP, shake it DOWN
Shake it, shake it all around
Shake it HIGH, shake it LOW
Shake it, shake it to and fro
Shake it over, shake it under
And pretty soon, you will have BUTTER

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

A classic! Find it HERE. The link has the lyrics, the music to download and even a video! Have fun


Farm Foods!

The idea here is to have a few items that people on farms can grow and make themselves!


Bread (homemade is best, but not always feasible)
Butter (the stuff you made in the Science lesson)
Strawberries, apples or other fruit from a farm

You might want to schedule this for breakfast time! Talk about how all of these things come from the farm. The farmers make their own bread using flour, salt, etc. You know how to make butter! Strawberries, apples, and other fruits are grown on farms. Eggs come from chickens. Milk comes from cows.

In order to get them involved, allow them to butter the toast and use plastic butter knives to cut strawberries. Serve the kids some scrambled eggs and a glass of milk also! A full farm-made meal.

(You could also serve bacon or sausage and talk about how it comes from pigs if you feel comfortable opening that can of worms!

SUMMER! Swimming Pools and Ice Cream

Summer is a fantastic time of year! Lots of warmth and sunshine, swimming pools, ice cream, & beach days. What fun we can have during the summer.  Some kids are out of school for the whole summer, but we will be here all summer long! Join us for some great summer lessons and activities.


Summer is the warmest part of the year. The days are longer than in the winter, too. That means more time for playing outside! Summer comes after Spring and before Fall. The holidays Memorial Day, Father's Day and Independence Day fall during the Summer. Well, technically not really, since Summer doesn't actually begin until June 21. Summer weather begins pretty early down south, so that is what we are going by around here! Discuss the types of activities the kids like to participate in during the Summer! Talk about things that make them think about summer!


Q is a very special letter! Q will always be with his best friend, U. Put the book together and review the sound that Qu makes!


On Starfall.com: it's time to move on to the LONG vowel sounds! This week do the Long A lesson and story 

On readingbear.org: also work on the long A sound, which is usually made by adding an E to the end of a word


Index Card Book:  Create a fun flip book using some spiral bound index cards. Cut the left 3rd of each card so that it will flip independently of the rest of the cards. Write each letter of the alphabet individually on the left cards. We will use the right portion for the sounds we are working on this week. For this week's lesson, write ane and ake on the right side. When you flip the single letters on the left, it will create new words! Work on the words, Cane, Lane, Mane, Pane, Vane, Bake, Cake, Fake, Lake, Make, Rake, Sake, Take and Wake this week!


How Hot is the Sun?

Summer is known for being hot! We all dress in shorts, eat ice cream, and hang out in swimming pools to keep cool. So how hot is the summer sun? Here are some experiments we can do to find out!

Materials Needed:
Ice Cubes

Make sure you pick a hot day with minimal clouds for this experiment. Talk about the sun. The sun is a big, bright star in space. The sun is where our heat and light comes from. When the sun is down at night, the temperatures are cooler. When the sun is up during the day, it is hot.

Different materials can melt because of heat. Allow the kids to touch an ice cube. Its very cold, because it is water that is frozen. If the ice cube gets hot, it will melt and become water again. Set an ice cube in a bowl on the table while you are talking. Check back on it in a few minutes to see what has happened to it.

Marshmallows can also melt in heat. Set a couple out on the table and keep an eye on them. They do not change.

Crayons can melt in the heat as well. Place a few on the table to see what happens.

Now go outside. As soon as you walk outside you should feel the difference in the temperature (especially down here in South Texas!). The sun has made it hot outside. What do you think will happen if we put an ice cube on the ground in the sun?  Try it and see if they are right.

Place a few marshmallows on a piece of foil and also a crayon on a piece of foil in the sun. Find out what they think will happen to these items if we leave them in the sun.  Let the kids run around a play for a little while, then bring them back to find out what happened to each of the items. The sun heated the items up, and caused them to melt. They should at least be soft and gooey.

For extra fun, allow the kids to color using the melty crayons! It will be a new experience for them and give them a tactile understanding of what the heat of the sun can do.


Shell Hunt

Fill a bucket or tub with sand. Place shells throughout the bucket, buried in the sand. Allow the kids to dig for the shells (as if on a beach) and pull them out. Once they have pulled all the shells out of the sand, count them up to see how many they found.

Ice Cream Cone Patterning

Use these fun patterns from makelearningfun.com! Print the pattern cards and cut out felt or foam copies. Give the kids a pattern card and the cut outs and ask them to copy the pattern on their cards.


Water Fun Day!

There is nothing better for young kiddos. Pick a sunny day and have the kids come to school in their swim suits with shorts over top. Plan to spend most of the day playing in the water! Provide several different stations for them to explore such as a kiddie pool with some pool toys, a sprinkler to run through, big sponges in a bucket to squeeze, water guns or water balloons, sidewalk water painting, etc. You could have a car washing station for toy cars, buckets to pour water into, lots of different things to float in the water, nets to catch things in.  You could even create a waterfall by attaching different sized funnels, tubes, and bottles to a board and showing the kids how to pour water into the top to watch it flow down into a pool! You can easily make your play yard like a little water park! Just make sure to put plenty of sunscreen on the kiddos before and during their time in the sun. Sunglasses and hats are also recommended!

PS - request the parents bring a full change of clothes for them. They are going to need to get dried off at some point!


I found this on a search, I would give them a plug if I knew where it came from!


ART - Summer Picture Collage

Collect pictures from the internet or magazines that are images of summer. Cut them out and place them on the art table. Provide a large piece of construction paper and glue sticks for the kiddos and ask them to make a picture of all their favorite things about summer.
Once they have completed their pictures, talk about the things they chose and why!

CRAFT - Paper Plate Watermelon Slices

Materials Needed:
Paper Plates
Green Paint or Colors
Red Paint or Colors
Black foam cut into seed shapes

Cut the paper plates in half to form semi-circles. If your kiddos can use scissors, have them do it. Show them a picture of a watermelon slice and ask them to make one of their own.


What Doesn't Belong?

You can do this fun summer themed worksheet from Prek8.com:  http://prek-8.com/holiday/summer/belong1.html


 On Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Mouses-First-Summer-Classic-Board/dp/1442458429/ref=tmm_other_meta_binding_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1368551514&sr=1-1

 This is a fun story about all the fun you can have during the summer!

All about the summer's hot days!


Summer's Here
to the tune of "Are you sleeping"

Days are longer, sunshine's stronger
Summer's here, summer's here!
Let's jump through the sprinkler, let's make lemonade
Summer's here, summer's here.


Lemonade & Watermelon

What could be better? These are 2 things that are perfect in the summer!

6-8 fresh lemons
1 cup sugar
6 cups cold water

Juice the lemons. This can be a fun activity for the kids to do. To get the most juice out of the fruit, press and roll the lemons on a hard surface before cutting. This will also make it easier for little hands to squeeze! Pour the juice into a bowl and add the sugar. Stir until the sugar crystals disappear. Add the water. Easy as that! Fresh lemonade.

Provide slices of watermelon without the rind. Give the kids plastic butter knives and allow them to cut pieces off as needed.

You can use seedless watermelon if you are concerned with a choking hazard.

What a refreshing summer snack!


Shapes are all around us in the world! This week we will focus on many of the basic shapes and where we can find them. We will find them in our homes, at school, outside, and everywhere!


Collect some pictures of ANYTHING! They could be pictures from a photo album, a magazine, a story book, whatever. It is best to provide pictures that you can draw on, because it is beneficial to draw the shapes you find on the picture with a bright marker to make them easier to see. Talk about different shapes. Use the shape flashcards HERE. Next, show the pictures you collected. Ask the kiddos if they can find some shapes in the pictures. As they locate different shapes, draw the shape on the picture with a bright marker and say the name of the shape.


Shape Pizzas

You can do this with felt pieces, craft foam or construction paper. Provide a large, light brown circle for the pizza. It makes it look really good if you also provide a slightly smaller orangy-red circle for the sauce. Then provide some red circles for pepperoni, white rectangles for cheese, green triangles for peppers, black ovals for olives, and orange squares for chicken. Talk about each of the shapes. Then allow the kids to create their pizzas. Hang them on the wall to enjoy all week!

Shape Piggy Worksheet

I found this on TeachersPayTeachers.com! There are many awesome downloads on that site that you can use! Here is the: Piggy Shape Worksheet Print the worksheet. It will help to color in the color key at the top the correct colors for the kids to refer to. Have them color all the squares blue, triangles orange, circles red and stars yellow.  Then they can fill in the shape chart at the bottom.

LETTER: O o for Octagon

The letter O is perfect for this week because it is a circle! It also is the first letter of Octagon, which is a shape. http://bestcoloringpages.com/o-for-octagon-coloring-page-with-handwriting-practice_1d2411.html
Print the worksheet. Talk about the letter O and some of the words that begin with O. Words like Ocatgon, Octopus, Officer, Orange, Omelet, etc. Have the kids trace the letter with their fingers, then with a color. They can practice making Os at the bottom of the page. This is good practice since they are just circles!


This week we sould just review the first 5 lessons and make sure we have a firm grasp of the sounds.

On Readingbearhttp://www.readingbear.org/
Also review week. Use their review of Short A to Short U.

Click HERE for a fun Short Vowel learning song you can listen to!


2 Parts Equal a Whole Shape Activity
This is basically a puzzle game, but we make it science-y by incorporating how the 2 parts equals a whole.

Materials Needed:
Craft Sticks

Put 2 craft sticks side by side and draw a shape across both so that when you pull them apart, there are 2 pieces of a shape that are recognizable. Draw them as big as possible to make it easier. It helps to use specific colors for certain shapes.

Jumble them all up. Talk about how 2 pieces of puzzle will make a whole shape. Demonstrate making a whole shape with the 2 pieces by putting one of the shapes together. Then allow them to try. Once they have made a whole shape, they should tell you what shape they made.


Cheerio Necklaces

Materials Needed:
Cheerios (circles!)
Yarn or Twine

Place the Cheerios in a bowl for the children to access. Begin first by counting out numbers of Cheerios. Give them a number and allow them to count that number of Cheerios out. You can play around with this as long as they are interested. When you are ready, have them thread the cereal onto the yarn. Make sure to tie a knot in one end first, so their Cheerios don't slide off the end as they work! Once they are done, practice counting their circles together. Then they can wear them (and snack on them, if you allow it!)

Shape Patterning

You can print and use the above worksheet for this lesson. OR you can provide shapes such as blocks and do it that way. The basic idea is to create a pattern using shapes and then have the kids mimic the pattern themselves. This is more interactive and will hold their attention better if they can use the blocks to make their patterns.


Art - Shape Art

Cut out a bunch of different sizes and colors of shapes. Provide the kids with a large piece of construction paper and some glue. Tell the kiddos they can make anything they want using the shapes! Be creative. This is a really fun activity. You may need to show them what to do and give them a little direction to get them started, but once they get going they will create something amazing! Make sure you label them so that Mommy and Daddy will know what they created!

Craft - Clown Shape Craft

This is more of a craft because they are going to make a specific thing, a clown! Print the template HERE from firstschool.com. Cut it out and follow the completed clown in the corner. Put him together while discussing the shapes that make him.



Shape Hokey Pokey
(use the shapes from the flashcards in Circle Time for this)

Put your circle in, Put you circle out, Put your circle in and shake it all bout Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what its all about!

Put your square in, Put your square out, Put your square in and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what its all about!

Put your oval in, Put your oval out, Put your oval in and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what its all about!

Put your rectangle in, Put your rectangle out, Put your rectangle in and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what its all about!

Put your triangle in, Put your triangle out, put your triangle in and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what its all about!


Shape Crackers

Provide round crackers, such as Ritz. Use cheese slices and cut out different shapes from them. Provide the cheese shapes and crackers and allow the kids to create shape crackers! YUM