Shapes are all around us in the world! This week we will focus on many of the basic shapes and where we can find them. We will find them in our homes, at school, outside, and everywhere!


Collect some pictures of ANYTHING! They could be pictures from a photo album, a magazine, a story book, whatever. It is best to provide pictures that you can draw on, because it is beneficial to draw the shapes you find on the picture with a bright marker to make them easier to see. Talk about different shapes. Use the shape flashcards HERE. Next, show the pictures you collected. Ask the kiddos if they can find some shapes in the pictures. As they locate different shapes, draw the shape on the picture with a bright marker and say the name of the shape.


Shape Pizzas

You can do this with felt pieces, craft foam or construction paper. Provide a large, light brown circle for the pizza. It makes it look really good if you also provide a slightly smaller orangy-red circle for the sauce. Then provide some red circles for pepperoni, white rectangles for cheese, green triangles for peppers, black ovals for olives, and orange squares for chicken. Talk about each of the shapes. Then allow the kids to create their pizzas. Hang them on the wall to enjoy all week!

Shape Piggy Worksheet

I found this on! There are many awesome downloads on that site that you can use! Here is the: Piggy Shape Worksheet Print the worksheet. It will help to color in the color key at the top the correct colors for the kids to refer to. Have them color all the squares blue, triangles orange, circles red and stars yellow.  Then they can fill in the shape chart at the bottom.

LETTER: O o for Octagon

The letter O is perfect for this week because it is a circle! It also is the first letter of Octagon, which is a shape.
Print the worksheet. Talk about the letter O and some of the words that begin with O. Words like Ocatgon, Octopus, Officer, Orange, Omelet, etc. Have the kids trace the letter with their fingers, then with a color. They can practice making Os at the bottom of the page. This is good practice since they are just circles!


This week we sould just review the first 5 lessons and make sure we have a firm grasp of the sounds.

On Readingbear
Also review week. Use their review of Short A to Short U.

Click HERE for a fun Short Vowel learning song you can listen to!


2 Parts Equal a Whole Shape Activity
This is basically a puzzle game, but we make it science-y by incorporating how the 2 parts equals a whole.

Materials Needed:
Craft Sticks

Put 2 craft sticks side by side and draw a shape across both so that when you pull them apart, there are 2 pieces of a shape that are recognizable. Draw them as big as possible to make it easier. It helps to use specific colors for certain shapes.

Jumble them all up. Talk about how 2 pieces of puzzle will make a whole shape. Demonstrate making a whole shape with the 2 pieces by putting one of the shapes together. Then allow them to try. Once they have made a whole shape, they should tell you what shape they made.


Cheerio Necklaces

Materials Needed:
Cheerios (circles!)
Yarn or Twine

Place the Cheerios in a bowl for the children to access. Begin first by counting out numbers of Cheerios. Give them a number and allow them to count that number of Cheerios out. You can play around with this as long as they are interested. When you are ready, have them thread the cereal onto the yarn. Make sure to tie a knot in one end first, so their Cheerios don't slide off the end as they work! Once they are done, practice counting their circles together. Then they can wear them (and snack on them, if you allow it!)

Shape Patterning

You can print and use the above worksheet for this lesson. OR you can provide shapes such as blocks and do it that way. The basic idea is to create a pattern using shapes and then have the kids mimic the pattern themselves. This is more interactive and will hold their attention better if they can use the blocks to make their patterns.


Art - Shape Art

Cut out a bunch of different sizes and colors of shapes. Provide the kids with a large piece of construction paper and some glue. Tell the kiddos they can make anything they want using the shapes! Be creative. This is a really fun activity. You may need to show them what to do and give them a little direction to get them started, but once they get going they will create something amazing! Make sure you label them so that Mommy and Daddy will know what they created!

Craft - Clown Shape Craft

This is more of a craft because they are going to make a specific thing, a clown! Print the template HERE from Cut it out and follow the completed clown in the corner. Put him together while discussing the shapes that make him.



Shape Hokey Pokey
(use the shapes from the flashcards in Circle Time for this)

Put your circle in, Put you circle out, Put your circle in and shake it all bout Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what its all about!

Put your square in, Put your square out, Put your square in and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what its all about!

Put your oval in, Put your oval out, Put your oval in and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what its all about!

Put your rectangle in, Put your rectangle out, Put your rectangle in and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what its all about!

Put your triangle in, Put your triangle out, put your triangle in and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what its all about!


Shape Crackers

Provide round crackers, such as Ritz. Use cheese slices and cut out different shapes from them. Provide the cheese shapes and crackers and allow the kids to create shape crackers! YUM


  1. This is great! It really got me thinking about getting together a day filled with shapes! Lots of activities that cover all subject areas! Thanks for your great ideas!

    1. I am so glad you liked it! I would love if you would let me know how your "shape day" went. Have fun!