Families & Pets

Family is so important! They are those people who we can count on for help, who are there when we are happy or sad, who we can relate to. Many times our pets are part of the family, so we can't leave them out!


Our family are the people we are related to. This means our Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. These are the members of our family. There are many different types of families and many different sizes. Some families are really small. There could be a Mom, a brother and a sister. Some families are really big, with a Mom and Dad, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 Grandmothers, a Grandfather, and several Aunts, Uncles and cousins! Our pets are usually a part of our family too. People's pets include dogs and cats, birds, hampsters, fish, lizards and turtles! The most important thing is that our family is the people who love us and who we love also!


Who Would Use This? - Game

Materials Needed:
Electric Shaver
Pacifier or bottle
Small Broom
Hair bow
Toy car
Hand weights
Baby doll
Knitting needles
Dog bowl
ANYthing else you can think of!

Explain to the kids that you are going to show them objects from around the house and they should say who in their family would use it. There is no right or wrong answers here! The point of the game is to think about the different members of families and to allow them to notice how different everyone is.



Family Trees

This is a generic way to do a family tree. It is just an example of how a family "grows". You can go further and see if their parents can send pictures of their actual families to add and personalize them, if you wish.

Print the family tree template HERE.  

Make some stick figures for the family members. They can be very simple, just try to make them look male or female and give them different hair. Write their designations across them (Mom, Dad, Uncle, etc). Print a selection for children to choose from. The children should place the family members where you show them as you discuss.

Start at the top with Grandmother & Grandfather. Talk about who their grandparents are. They are their Mommy's Mom and Dad and Daddy's Mom and Dad! On the next branch down place Mom on the right side and Dad on the left. Place the child and their siblings on the branch above the Mom and Dad in the middle. Place Mom's sisters and brothers on the branch above Mom and Dad's siblings on the branch above Dad. Place the cousins in the top branches.

Again, this is very generic and not really how a family tree works, but it helps small children understand how families work with a great visual.


Family Graph

For this activity we will graph family members as a class. Print out the graph chart HEREYou will need some stickers for this. I suggest hearts, since we love our families!

Ask the kids how many of them have a grandmother? Place a sitcker on the chart for each grandmother, 2 sitickers if they have 2 living grandmothers! Continue down the list until you have completed the chart. Tally the columns and discuss how many of each family member there are for your class!

Playdough Counting Mats - Dogs and Cats

We can't forget our pets! Download the FREE printable math mats from Prekinders.com HERE.  The children should place the listed number of dog or cat treats into their bowls. This is great for fine motor skills and also counting!
Play Dough Mat Dog


A great book about many different kinds of pets!

Great for describing the many different types of families and how important our families are!


Dog Training

This is just a fun game! Have all the kids get on their hands and knees like a dog. Now you will "train them" and they should follow your directions. (You can make the dog ears they can wear in the below craft for use with this game!)

"Bark like a dog!"
"Follow me to the dog bowl"
"Scratch your ear"
etc. etc!


Color a Pet Picture

Print the picture of the people shopping for a pet and color it!


Art - Draw a picture of your family

This is an easy one. Provide the kids with some paper and colors and ask them to draw you a picture of their family! Include any pets they may have. When they are finished you should ask them to describe the picture so you can label the family members on the picture. This is a fun one to give to their parents!

Craft - Dog Ears Headband

Materials Needed:
Black (or whatever) construction paper

Cut out a strip of the cardstock long-ways for the part that will attach to their heads. Then cut out dog ear shaped pieces, 2 for each headband. Cut the construction paper into dog spots.

Wrap the long piece of cardstock around the kid's head and mark where to tape it.

Give the kids each a headband piece, 2 ears, and a bunch of the spots. Show them how to glue the ears to the headband. Then allow them to glue the spots on wherever they want. Once they are dry, tape to their heads.


How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
You can see the lyrics and hear the song HERE thanks to Bussongs.com!

My Family
I love mommy. . .she loves me
We love daddy. . .yes sir e
He loves us and so you see
We are a happy family

I love grandma. . . she loves me
We love grandpa. . .yes sir e
He loves us and so you see
We are a happy family

I love sister, she loves me
We love brother. . Yes sir e
He loves us and so you see
We are a happy family


Family Fruit Salad
The salad is usually eaten at family reunions! It is a great recipe for kids because they can help measure, mix and portion it.


  • 3 34 ozs instant vanilla pudding
  • 1 12 cups milk
  • 8 ozs cool whip (thawed)
  • 11 ozs mandarin oranges (drained)
  • 20 ozs pineapple (chunk, drained)
  • 16 ozs fruit (cocktail, drained)
Beat with mixer the pudding mix and milk for 2 minutes. Add the cool whip, then all the fruit. Mix to incorporate. Serve!

**You can also add marshmallows, grapes or bananas to this!


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