Summer can seem pretty daunting to many parents. There is a bunch of time to fill and only so many trips to the park or the mall you can handle. You don't want to just plop the kids down in front of Disney Jr. for hours on end. So what to do?
To help fill the time with some super fun LEARNING activities, I created this Summer Fun Packet! The activities in this packet are so fun, neither you nor the kiddos will feel like they are in a boring classroom. They will be asking you, "What are we going to be doing today?" And you will have a plan, safe in the knowledge that you will all enjoy yourselves.
The activities in this packet are geared toward 3 to 6 year olds, but can be modified for younger or even older children.
Click on the below link to download the packet. It includes templates, game pieces, and checklists. Everything you should need to have a fun learning summer with your pre-k kids.
Have fun all summer!

You can also follow this link:   to my "15 Easy Weekend Activities" page which has even more fun things for your family to do.

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