Our New School Year!

Our first 2 weeks of our new school year will begin this August. I will post the monthly calendar, then add information about what we did and how we did it as it happens!

We will be working on one letter per week. Each day we will incorporate a craft, a book, a snack and many other activities to help them learn what the letter is called and what sound it makes.

We will also have a weekly theme! We will work our theme concept into many of the activities we do all week. There will be many more activities than what is listed here. These are just the beginning! We will have dramatic play centers, special snacks, videos, books, sensory tubs, coloring sheets, and more which will all tie back to the theme of the week!

Aside from the weekly lessons, we also have Montessori shelves full of child-centered collections which will allow the children to choose what they wish to work on. During our "shelves time" the children will receive my gentle guidance while they explore the different materials. These materials will encourage "flexible thinking strategies" and contribute to the growth of "self motivated, independent learners".

All together our daily activities will be fun! The most important part of a child's learning journey is to enjoy it. Young children will soak up information like a sponge as long as they are having an engaging and entertaining time.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming year! I will add information and pictures as we go so please come back often to see what we are up to! 

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