11 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids! (Includes Christian based crafts)

I thought it might be helpful to you if I put together a nice list of fun Easter crafts that you can do with young kids! I hope you have fun doing them...

Easter Bunny Ears and Tails

For the Ears You Will Need:

Construction paper or cardstock (in the colors of your choice)

(You can also provide stickers, markers, glitter, cotton balls, or anything else you would like to decorate the ears with)

Measure the circumference of the child's head using string or measuring tape. Measure around their head just above the ears. You want this to be snug but not tight. Using your measurement, cut a strip of the paper about 2 inches wide. You may need to tape 2 pieces together to get the length you need. Tape the head piece together so it will fit on the child's head.

Cut 2 ear-shaped pieces. Make them tall, kids love that! You also need 2 smaller ear-shaped pieces in another color, such as pink, for the inside of the ears.

Have the kids glue the inside of the ears to the big ears. Allow to dry a few minutes.

Show the kids how to glue their ears to the head piece. I find it looks best if they are glued to the inside on the back so the ears will stick up in the back of their heads when they wear them.

Now you can leave them as-is or they can decorate them further using whatever materials you provided them!

For the Tails You Will Need:

White construction paper
Cotton Balls

Cut out a "puffy cloud" shape from the paper. Allow the kids to glue cotton balls to the cloud shape and dry a few minutes. Measure the string around the kid's waist so that it is not too tight but has enough length to be tied in a bow. Glue the tail to the string. Once dry, tie around their waist so that the tail rests on their hiney!

NOW for the fun part! Dress the kids up and let them "hop on down the bunny trail"!!

Handprint & Cotton Ball Lambs

You Will Need:

Black paper
Cotton balls
Glue  (school)

Trace the kid's hand onto the black paper using the pencil. Cut it out. Provide cotton balls and glue and allow the kids to glue lots of cuddly fur to their lamb. The thumb will be the lamb's head and the fingers are the legs. Once their lamb is dry you can add a face to the tip of the thumb.

You can then glue the lamb to another piece of paper and print "Happy Easter" on the bottom. These look great on the refrigerator!

Sun Catcher Easter Eggs

You Will Need:

Construction Paper
Lots of tissue paper squares
Wax paper

Begin by cutting out a large egg shape from the paper. Then cut out the inside of the egg leaving about an inch of paper.

Glue wax paper on the back of the egg to completely cover the space.

Provide glue and the tissue paper to the kids. The kids should glue many different colors of the tissue paper to the wax paper, covering as much of the space as they can.

Once these dry, they are so pretty when you hang them on the window!

Image borrowed from sewcountrychick.com

Sun Catcher Crosses

*This is pretty much the same thing as above, just in a cross shape instead. Follow the above directions!

Handprint Easter Lillies

You Will Need:

White or yellow construction paper
Green and yellow pipe cleaners
Red and/or pink pipe cleaners
School glue

Trace the kid's hands on the white or yellow paper. Cut them out. Curl the tips of the fingers by wrapping them around the pencil. Wrap the wrist part of the hands around the green pipe cleaner and glue. Cut the yellow pipe cleaners into thirds and curl the tops into a "curly-q". Apply glue to the bottom of the yellow pipe cleaner and stick down into the inside of the flower. Each child should make a few flowers. Bunch them together and attach with a red or pink pipe cleaner in the shape of a bow!

Toilet Paper Roll Chicks

You Will Need:

Toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls cut to length)
Yellow paint
Googley eyes
Yellow feathers
Orange paper
School glue

Paint the toilet paper rolls. Allow to dry. While the paint dries you can cut out small diamond shapes for the beaks and feet shapes out of the orange paper.
Once the paint is dry, glue on the eyes, beaks, feet, and feathers (for wings). You can also cover the hole in the top with yellow tissue paper, if you wish.

Easter Baskets

You Will Need:

Shoe boxes (or rectangle Kleenex boxes)
Cardboard or cardstock strips (for handles)
Whatever you wish to decorate with, such as:
tissue paper, markers, stickers, glitter, cotton balls, craft poms, construction paper, pipe cleaners, ribbon, etc

These are really fun! The kids can be totally creative and make them however they like.

To start, glue the strip of cardboard (you can also staple them to make them more sturdy) in an arc over the center of the box. From there, provide many different craft accessories and glue and let the kids go to town.

Once complete, you can stuff them with Easter grass and jelly beans. :)

Tape Resist Easter Cross
These turn out so beautiful and are really easy, even for the younger kiddos!

You Will Need:

Large sheets of paper
Painter's tape
Paint (you can use any kind you wish)

Tape off the cross shape on the paper. Let the kids paint all over the paper however they want! Once the tape is removed, the beautiful picture will emerge.

Handprint Chicks

You Will Need:

Construction Paper (yellow, orange, and whatever color you want the background to be)
Googly eyes
Yellow or orange pieces of yarn
Yellow and orange Tempura paint
Aluminum pans for the paint
Baby wipes!

You need a large and slightly smaller circle in yellow for the head and body of the chick. You also need a small orange triangle for the beak. Allow the kids to glue the head and body to the background paper. Then glue the beak on the face. Add the eyes. Glue the yarn pieces to the top of the head.

Now for the messy part! Pour the paints into the aluminum pans. You will need 2 yellow handprints for the wings and 2 orange handprints for the feet. Keep the baby wipes handy to clean their hands in between colors. These are super cute!

Borrowed from funhandprintart.blogspot.com

Paper Plate Easter Bunnies

You Will Need:

Paper plates
Googly Eyes
Pink craft poms
Cotton Balls
Pink construction paper
School Glue

To Make The Ears:
Cut a paper plate in half. Cut a "half moon" of pink paper for each ear. Glue it the inner edge of each ear.

To Make The Head:
Glue 2 cotton balls side by side in the center of the plate. This will be the bunny's mouth area. Glue a pink pom between and above the cotton balls for the nose and another pink pom between and below the cotton balls for the mouth. Glue on the eyes where appropriate. Glue the ears to the top of the head, on the back of the "head" plate.

You can add cute bowties, pipe cleaner whiskers, or any other embellishments you wish!

Empty Tomb Biscuits - Resurrection Buns

Whatever you call them, these are easy and fun to make and are fantastic for Easter brunch!

Refrigerated crescent dough
Bag of large marshmallows
½ cup of butter, melted
¾ cup of sugar
2 TBSP cinnamon

Pre-heat oven to 350º and grease a regular sized muffin tin.

Mix the cinnamon and sugar together in a small bowl and also put the melted butter in another small bowl. Separate the crescent dough into triangles and lay flat. Place a marshmallow in the center of each. (the marshmallow represents the body of Jesus) Wrap the dough around the marshmallow completely and press the edges to seal. (this represents burying Jesus and sealing him in his tomb) Roll the balls in your hands to make them smooth. Dip each ball in the melted butter and then in the cinnamon sugar mixture. Place each completed biscuit in a muffin tin compartment. Bake in a 350º oven for around 15 minutes. Allow to cool a couple of minutes before trying to remove from tin.

While they are cooling you can read Matthew 28:1-6. Then open your "tomb" and see that "Jesus is not here! He is risen!"

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