FIREFIGHTERS! And Fire Safety (Feb 4 - 8)

A seriously fun topic for all kiddos, girls or boys! We are going to talk about the community helpers and what they do, and also what they drive. Fire trucks are awesome! If you have the ability, take your kids to a fire station to check out a real one. They will have the best time :)


F for fire coloring page with handwriting practice
Talk about F. Have the kids trace the letter with their finger, then with a crayon. Color the page. If they are able, practice writing the letter at the bottom of the page.


Firefighters put out fires in homes, stores, forests, and anywhere else they occur. They do their best to help their communities and to help people! They provide emergency medical care for people who are hurt. Firefighters must be brave and strong. Their job can be very dangerous.

What should you do if there is a fire?

In case there is a fire where you are, it is important to know some safety steps. (If you feel comfortable teaching your kids about 911, please do so. I think mine are a little too young to learn about this just yet. For some great tips on how to teach your child to use 911, go HERE)

STEP 1: Pre plan a meeting place in case of emergency.
STEP 2: Practice fire drills at home and at school.
STEP 3: Don't hide! GO OUTSIDE!
STEP 4: Fall and Crawl when escaping a fire. The air near the floor will be easier to breathe.
STEP 5: Stop, Drop & Roll if your clothing catches on fire. This is the best way to put yourself out!



To set this up, pre-plan a meeting place and escape routes for everyone to follow. If you can, draw out a map for them to look at also. If you already have these in place, good for you! This will be a great practice. For those who don't, it is very important to provide this information to the kiddos. If you have practiced this, a real emergency will be much less scary for them.

Show everyone the way to get out and where you should be meeting once outside. Talk about the above steps and how important it is to go outside as quickly as they can. Crawl on the ground. Roll if you need to.
Now practice! Tell them you are going to pretend there is a fire emergency and they need to follow the safety steps. Say GO! They should follow the escape route and go outside to the meeting place. Talk about how they should look for the Firefighters and let them know they are safe. Remind them that their job is to make sure they get outside. Do not EVER go back inside a burning building. It is the Firefighter's job to go inside the building and make sure everyone has gotten out safely. They will let you know when it is safe to go back inside.

Go back inside and talk about Stop, Drop and Roll. Have them practice the moves. It is fun for them, but remember that since they have practiced this, if an emergency warrants it, they will remember how to do it.

Once the kiddos have mastered this skill, you can give them these certificates that say they are Stop, Drop and Roll experts! Let them be proud that they know such an important skill!


Fire Truck Numbers

Print the cards from Set the fire station at one end of the table and then put the numbered fire trucks out of order on the table. Count the fire trucks out loud with the kids. Then work together to put them in the right order. Use as many trucks as your kids are able to count!

Less Than, More Than

It is time to start learning this concept. It can be a tricky one to master so I like to use visual aides to help it make sense in their heads!

You can use ANY objects you wish. I like to use blocks or Legos. Have 2 pieces of paper that you can place the items on to keep them separated. Start basic: place 1 Lego on 1 paper and 2 Legos on the other. Count them together. Ask them which paper has more Legos? 2 is more than 1! Which paper has less Legos? 1 is less than 2. Add 1 Lego to each paper so that you have 2 and 3. Continue this line of questions and answers. Work up until there are around 5 on one paper and 1 on the other. Revisit this lesson often, as it will take some time for some children to grasp. This is the beginning of learning how to add and subtract!


fireman hat

Be a Firefighter!

This is a total no-brainer! Get some cheap firefighter hats at a dollar store or print them from DLTK's website:
Provide them with some paper towel rolls, rolled up paper, old hose, or whatever else you can use as fire hose. Have them go around putting out "fires".  Have them rescue some stuffed animals or dolls and put bandages on them.


The Fire Triangle

The fire triangle is the "recipe" for fire. Every fire needs 3 "ingredients" in order to burn: air, heat and fuel. Take any of these away and the fire won't burn.

Take a long candle, such as an emergency candle. Find a jar that the candle will fit inside, make sure the jar has a lid. Melt the bottom end of the candle so you can stick it to the inside of the lid of the jar. Light the candle with the jar lid under it sitting on the table. Explain that the fire can burn because there is heat, fuel and air. If we take away the air, the fire will go out. Place the jar over the candle onto the lid and watch as the fire goes out!
**CAUTION - please use caution when using fire around the kiddos and NEVER leave them alone with it!


I'm A Fireman

I am a fireman, I'm dressed in red
With my fire hat on my head
I can drive the fire truck and fight fire too
And help make it safer for you!

(sing to I'm a little teapot)


Shape Fire Truck

I have borrowed this one from another site! No Time For Flashcards has a great step by step for this craft HERE!


Stop, Drop & Roll (available on Amazon!)

Stop Drop and Roll (A Book about Fire Safety)

I Want to be a Firefighter (available on Amazon!)

I Want To Be A Firefighter


Bead Sorting

Use an egg carton, a muffin tin, a divided vegetable tray, or anything else you think will work! Set out a selection of different colored beads. Ask the children to sort them by color. Put all the red ones in one container, blue in another, etc.


Camp Fire Snack
Pretzel Sticks
Velveeta Cheese, melted

Pile the pretzel sticks in a triangle pattern, as if you were setting up a campfire. Use a spoon to drizzle cheese onto the pretzels. This will look like a glowing campfire!

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