Valentine's Day and Love

Love is an important concept to everyone, and most especially for young children. They are just beginning to figure out what love means and who they love. This week we will explore the concept of love and also do a bunch of stuff using the heart shape!

LETTER: V v (Valentine)

Letter V Color Page


Being a mailman is a very special job! They deliver our mail and packages. If you make a pretty Valentine for someone you love who lives far away, you can mail it to them. The mailman is who delivers that Valentine! Even when the weather is rainy, cold, icy or windy the Mailmen are out making sure all the mail gets to the people.

"Write" a letter or make a Valentine and mail it! I understand preschoolers are too young to actually write a letter, but that won't stop them from trying! Have them color a special picture for someone they love who lives far away and help them mail it. Once the recipient has received the letter, make sure to talk on the phone so that your child knows they got it! It will seem pretty magical to them and make the day of the person they sent it to.


Conversation Heart Counting

Print out 10 of the heart pages HERE.  Write the number 1 on one, 2 on the next and so on until each is numbered from 1 to 10. 

Get a package of conversation hearts and place them in a bowl on the table. As a group, look at the first heart with the number 1 on it and talk about the number. Ask if the children can place the correct number of candy hearts on the heart picture. Continue through all the numbers. **If you are concerned about the kids eating the candy, you can also do this with heart stickers!

Conversation Heart Sorting (also Fine Motor)

Print out the chart HERE.  The different colors of candy hearts are lined up at the bottom. Sort the candy hearts on the chart by color. Talk about how many of each color there are!


Cupid Maze

Print the maze. Help the children guide cupid through the maze to the heart at the end. As you go, discuss the dead ends and which way they should try next.


Heartbeat Experiment

Talk to the children about their hearts. We each have a special organ inside our chest which pumps our blood around our bodies all day long. We can hear it working! Have the children listen to each other's chests while at rest to hear their heartbeats.
Once everyone has heard a heartbeat, have the children jump around. Get their hearts pumping! Tell them that this makes their hearts work harder and makes them stronger! Now have the children listen to each other's chests again. What happened to the heartbeats? Are they faster or slower?
To keep our hearts healthy and strong, we must get exercise everyday. Making our hearts pump faster is good for our bodies!

Carnation Coloring

**UPDATE - it takes longer than I remember! I would suggest starting this experiment at least 2 days before Valentine's day so that they will be nicely colored on time.

Materials Needed:
White Carnations (1 for each kid if possible)
Food Coloring (red & blue are fastest!)
Jars or Cups (clear)

Fill each jar ¼ full with water. Place about 20 drops of food coloring in each jar. Show the white carnations to the kids. Flowers and other plants suck water up through their stems to their petals or leaves. This is how they drink. If a flower is white, you can change its color to match the color of the water it is drinking. After cutting a bit off the bottom of each stem, place a few flowers in each jar of colored water.  Tell them this will take a couple of hours and you will come back to it. Every so often, check on the progress. After about 6 or 8 hours, the carnations will be slightly colored! Allow the children to take one home to give to someone they love.


Towel Roll Heart Stamping

Materials Needed:
Towel Rolls (enough for each child)
Paper Plates
Cut each of the towel rolls in half so there are 2. Flatten them so there is a crease on both sides. Curl the one side outward to form the top of the heart and place a little tape across the gap to help it hold its shape.

Pour some paint onto the paper plates for easy dipping. Have the children dip the end into the paint and stamp their papers! Easy Valentines!


I made this little Valentine
Of red and white and blue
I made this little Valentine
Especially for YOU

Love, Love, Love
(to the tune of 3 blind mice)
Love, love, love
Love, love, love
See how it grows, see how it grows
I love my friends and they love me
We love each other it's plain to see
There's plenty for a big fam-il-y
Love, love, love


Color Hearts Game (following directions)

Post several different colored hearts around the room where they are easily seen. Line the children up on one side of the room. Tell them you are going to give them directions and they should follow them the best they can. Say "go to the red heart" and have them follow the direction. Continue through the different colors. Once complete, give them a heart sticker for following directions well!

To make this harder, place a picture of something on the colored hearts. Make sure there are at least 2 of each color, but with different pictures. Then tell them to go to the red heart with the white rabbit on it! They will have to decide which is the correct one before going to it.


Tissue Paper Hearts

You can use the same heart print out as the Math Conversation Heart counting activity.  Cut up several pieces of red, pink, and white tissue paper into squares. Give the kiddos a glue stick and let them stick the paper to the heart. Simple and pretty. Hang up around the room!


All books I suggest are available on Amazon!

I Love You So...

A very sweet book which uses many different words to explain just how much your Mommy (or caregiver) loves you!

Franklin Says I Love You

Franklin's mother is having a birthday and he is trying to figure out how to show her how much he loves her!


Heart Cookie Decorating

Bake up some sugar cookies in heart shapes. Provide red, pink and white frosting, sprinkles, and other candy for them to decorate them with. A great idea is to crush up some conversation hearts and allow the kids to frost their cookie and then sprinkle with the hearts! Very cute...

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