Check Back Often!

I will continue to add new and exciting lesson plans throughout the year!

Since I began this blog nearly a full year ago (hard to believe!) I have begun to look back at some of the past lessons and think about the future.

I currently have a full 38 weeks of lessons available for you to use, as well as several other pages full of great kid content for you.

For the month of August, I have decided to put weekly lessons on hold. I am going to work on adding new content and pages and really come up with some great new Back-To-School posts!

PLEASE feel free to re-visit some of the great past lessons we have done! Just click through some of the Weekly Plans in the section on the right side panel. If you are looking for something specific, scroll down the right panel to the Labels and look through them to find different topics.

I will continue the same types of lessons in the future, so please check back often! I am also planning to start a few new pages with new and exciting content for you. I also post to Facebook all the time to let you know what is coming up so like us on Facebook:!/pages/NothingButMonkeyBusiness/502342983116869

I am very excited that my blog and labor of love has been so well received by so many and that I have been able to help parents and children learn more about their world.

It's going to be an awesome school year this year!


  1. Hi where do I go to find the lesson plans? I tried clicking on the picture but no luck. Thanks!

    1. Along the right side of the page is a section titled "Weekly Plans". Those are all the lesson plans by month! Enjoy and let me know if I can help you with anything else.