Amazing Airplanes!

Aircraft fascinate children because it seems magical, the way they can fly through the air. This week we are going to discuss how aircraft can fly and even make some special flying craft of our own!


Begin the week by playing "Guess Who I Am?".  Tell the kids that you are someone who travels all over the world all the time, you can see the tops of skyscrapers while at work, you have to take off and land your vehicle, and you cruise next to birds.
See if they can tell that you are a pilot!

Airplanes are vehicles that can fly in the air, like birds! There are people with special skills who fly the airplanes, they are called pilots. There are many different types of airplanes. There are small planes which can only carry a couple of people and some bags and boxes, there are very large planes which can carry a bunch of people, kind of like a bus in the sky. There are planes that the pilot can make do fancy tricks. There are even planes that have special pontoons that allow them to land on water!  Click the link to see the short youtube video of some super amazing trick flying! (there is an advertisement prior to the video so you may want to cue it up!)

READING  This week on Starfall, please watch the "Left to Right" movie on the right side column!

It is important to learn that reading always goes from left to right!

You may also want to review the "an, at" reading lesson again this week! We will be moving on to the short "e" sound next week.  Review the short "a" lesson again!

Complete the "Letter A" worksheet from A great review of the letter A sound...


Paper Airplane Flying

Now, this is not my area of expertise! As we all know, when we are teaching kids you will always come across subjects and material that you are not an expert at. This is definitely one of mine! That is ok, because there are some amazing websites out there to help us out!  Click the link to take you a site that has 10 different types of paper airplane and how to make them. Step by step. With pictures! A lifesaver!

You may wish to pre-fold several for your class. Or maybe you want to let your class make their own. That is up to you!

How airplanes fly: The way airplanes fly is by airflow over and under their wings. When the plane moves through the air, which is always all around us, the wing cuts the air in half. Some air flows over the wing, some flows under the wing. Airplane wings are rounded on the top side and flat on the bottom side. The rounded surface on top causes the air that flows under the flat side of the wing to hold the wing up, due to pressure. There is more pressure under the wing, which causes the wing to lift as it speeds through the air.

*Ask the kids to spread out so there is room enough between them to spread their arms out wide. Turn in circles and feel the air pressure moving past their arms.

Hold up a building block. Do you think this will fly? Why or why not? Drop the block. What happened?

Hold up an un-folded piece of paper. Will this fly? Why or why not? Drop the paper. What happened?

Look at the paper planes. Will these fly? Why?

Allow the kids to try flying the planes. What happened? The planes will glide gently to the floor, due to the pressure created by the wings moving through the air.

What are some other things that can fly, or glide?


Shape Airplanes

You will need:
Several colors of construction paper
Glue Sticks

Cut out 1 large triangle for the nose, and 1 smaller triangle for the tail. Cut a large, fat rectangle for the body and a long skinny rectangle for the wing. Cut out 2 small circles for the tires. Cut out a few small squares for windows. 

Lay the shapes out in front of the kiddos. You could use this as scissor practice!  Have them identify the shapes and sort them into similar piles. Provide them with a clean sheet of construction paper and a glue stick. See if they can construct the plane by following your example!

Airplane Counting

Simple Graph  Print the graph.

Get some airplane stickers or cut out some airplanes from the internet. Write 1-5 down the left side of the graph. The idea is for the kids to place the number of planes on the right side to match the number written on the left side!


Gross Motor - Act Like Airplanes

This is pretty self-explanatory. Put on some "Flight of the Valkyries" and let the kids runs around the room flying like an airplane!

Fine Motor - Scissor Practice

If you didn't have the kids cut out the shapes for the Shape Airplanes above, then have them practice on the worksheet below...



What is a pilot? Pilots are the people who fly (or drive) airplanes. You have to go to a special school to be trained on how to fly a plane. Most pilots fly people or cargo from place to place. It is a very interesting job because they get to travel and see much of the world!

Pilots must be very careful about checking their airplanes before they take off in them. If any of the equipment fails while in the air, it could be very dangerous. So pilots have to be very cautious and observant.

Pilots are responsible for the safety of all the people who are passengers on their flight.


Mr. Small is a high-flying pilot in this adventure! Pilot Small prepares for his flight, and then enjoys the bird’s-eye view from above. As fresh today as when it was first published, this fun and informative look at flying is perfect for airplane trips.

Colorful drawings of airplanes and other flying machines show young readers the inside and outside of these amazing machines, including the wings, engine, and tail and the cockpit and passenger cabin.


I'm A Little Airplane

I'm a little airplane
Now watch me fly!
Here are my instruments
from down low to up high.
First I get all revved up
Then I can fly.
Lifting off the runway
And up into the sky!


Art - Airplane Color Page

Print the color sheet from this link:

Allow the kiddos to color or paint however they please!

Craft - Popsicle Stick Airplanes

There are TONS of different versions of this craft. The one I like (and that I think pre-schoolers can do) is this:

You will need:

Popsicle sticks
Elmer's School Glue
Paint or markers
Craft foam (if you want to add that bit on the tail)

Allow the kids to paint or color their pieces and set them out to dry. Then, glue one stick to the bottom side of the clothespin on the end that opens. Glue another to the top to make a bi-plane. Glue another to the top of the end that you squeeze. Add the tail fin, if you wish. Let the glue dry.

Once these are done, the kids will have so much fun playing with their creations!


Graham Cracker Airplanes

Large graham cracker rectangles
Frosting or peanut butter

Use a large rectangle for the body of the plane. Place a couple of small rectangles across the body to make the wings. Secure with the frosting. Use Cheerios to make windows down the side of the body. Yum!

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