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This week we are going to focus on Following Directions! For children in the pre-school age range, this concept can be pretty difficult to master. They are all about exerting their independence and trying to figure things out on their own. While this is great for them, their direction following skills need to be refined. As adults, we follow many directions everyday! To make this fun for them, we are going to act as if we are treasure hunters.


What does "following directions" mean?  Ask the kids to wiggle and giggle until they hear you clap 5 times... once they have done this tell them they just followed directions! Directions are a list of things you need to do in order to complete a task. When you follow them, you will complete the task correctly. If you decide to try to complete the task without following the directions, you may never complete it! If you had not stopped wiggling and giggling when you heard the 5 claps, you would still be wiggling and giggling!


James 1:22 - Do not merely listen to the Word and so deceive yourselves, but do what it says.

I found a fun game to play to help preschoolers understand this lesson! I have linked to it HERE. It is an EZine article by Kathy Vincent. The game is called "Follow My Directions, Please".

It is a really fun game that goes well with our lesson and keeps with the Bible lesson also. Have fun!


A is for Apple Print the worksheet! Make the "Ah" sound for the kids and say Ah-Apple. Now have the kids do it.

Then have the kids trace the letter. Begin with their finger, then use a crayon. Practice writing the letter A.

Color the apple.

Beginning A Sound Activity

Collect around 10 items from around your house or classroom. 7 of them should be items that begin with A and the last 3 or 4 should begin with a different letter. You will need 2 bowls or boxes. One will be for "A" items and the other for the non-A items. Draw a large A on a piece of paper and an A with a circle and a slash through it on another piece. Label the boxes with these.

Some ideas of items could be an apple, airplane, animal, ant, alligator, apron, ambulance, arrow, acorn, axe, art.

Place all of the objects in a pile. Go through each item with the class. Pronounce each word for them. Place them back into the pile and ask each child to choose an object which begins with "A". Ask them to pick it up, pronounce it, and place it in the correct box. Praise them when they get it right. When they get it wrong, re-pronounce the name of the object again, placing emphasis on the first letter sound. Allow the child to try again!

This activity will really help them begin to hear and see the letter!


Name Recognition - Name Puzzles

This is our last week for this! By now the kiddos should be able to recognize their own names. Some may even be able to recognize a few of their friend's names too!
Print out an apple for each letter of the child's name. Write each letter of their name on one apple. On a piece of butcher paper, write the child's name with a line underneath it. The idea is for the kids to put their name "puzzle" together by matching the letters on the butcher paper.

Give each child their letters out of order. Give them the Directions and watch them go! Once they have their name puzzle fully assembled, check it for accuracy. Then they can glue them down.

Place these around the room for decoration this week!


Measuring with Rulers

Here is a great direction following science activity. To prepare, you will need to use a ruler to measure several objects around your classroom or play area. Write down what you measured and your results. Make it easy and only use inches.

Give each child a ruler and show them how to use it. Have them measure a couple of things so that they understand the concept. You don't even need to really talk about the different measurements. If they can handle that much information, then go for it. It depends on how advanced your class is.

Let them know they are going to be "Following Directions"! Pay close attention, because you won't be able to continue the activity until each part is done according to your directions. Ask them to measure the first item with their ruler and then come and tell you what they got. When a child has the correct answer (or close to it) congratulate them and direct them to the next item to measure. Continue this until they have all the items measured correctly!

This activity is a great way to introduce the kids to measurements and also allows them to follow directions!


Numbered Treasure Hunt!

You will need to make some numbered and color-coded cards for this activity. One set of cards will need to have the numbers 1 - 10 on them, color code however you like. The other set of cards will need to have a number of items on them. You can use stickers or drawings, whichever works for you. You need a card with 1 item, one with 2 items, etc. The idea is for them to find the "treasure" by following the "clues". You will also need a cheap treasure for the kids to find.

How to play: Place the cards with numbers on them around the room. Make sure they are not in plain sight, but shouldn't be too hidden. Next to the number 10 you will place the treasure. By each of the numbered cards there should be the next clue, or the next number they need to find. Depending on the age and knowledge of your class, you can have the numbers in order or in any order you like.

Give the kids the first numbered card. Show them that they need to count the items on their card in order to know where to go next. The number of items on their card will match a numbered card in the room. Once they find the numbered card, their next card with a number of items will be there to tell them where to go next. This way they are Following Directions and also counting!

Apple Counting Mats

Print the mats from HERE.  Follow the directions on the page. You can use red playdough, red marbles, red stickers, or whatever works for you!


Fine Motor - Block Building

Build a simple structure out of wooden blocks or Lego blocks. Instruct the kiddos to replicate your structure. Simple activity, awesome results. This incorporates fine motor skills, problem solving, and structure building.

Gross Motor - Follow the Leader

You all know this game! Begin by explaining how to play. Everyone will stand in a line behind you. You say "follow the leader!" and begin to make different gestures. You can wander around the room or your play yard while patting your head, flapping your arms, stomping your feet. Pretty soon everyone will be having a blast and you can let a child be the leader!

Awesome for following directions and getting some gross motor activity!


Art - Simon Says Drawings

For this activity you will need construction paper and crayons. Give each child a piece of paper and place the crayons in their reach. Tell them not to begin drawing yet! The idea of this activity is to Follow Directions! You are going to say, "Simon Says draw a house" and they should draw what yo asked them to.

This is a really fun way to practice following directions and when you all show each other your drawings at the end you can see how differently everyone's picture comes out!

Craft - Apple Tree Following Directions Activity

Fun activity from!

You will need to print a page for each child. There are different levels of difficulty that you can choose from depending on the skill level of the kids you have.


Apple Tree (

Way up high in the apple tree
Five red apples smiled at me
I shook that tree as hard as I could
Down came an apple and
Mmmm, it was good!

Way up high in the apple tree
Four red apples smiled at me...
(keep going counting down each apple)

I'm a Good Listener

Follow the link for lyrics and tune!


Good counting book, plus it is about apples!

Not really about following directions, but does give kids great insight into how it can be difficult for parent's when they don't follow directions!


Snack Mix

Cooking is always about following directions. Without directions, putting together a recipe is very difficult.

The BEST part about this is you can really use just about any combination you like!

Chocolate Chips
Dried Fruit
etc, etc, etc


Place each item into a cup separately. Give each child a cup so that each is in charge of their ingredient. Provide a large bowl for mixing. They should follow your direction and add their ingredient when you call for it. Allow each child the chance to mix it up. Portion it out and enjoy your snack!

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