Halloween is my favorite holiday! I just love the dressing up and getting to pretend to be someone else. I love the decorations. I love the time of year. I love the CANDY. This will be a super fun week. I have incorporated Halloween fun with lessons in order to create a boo-tiful mix of laughter and learning!


Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31 each year. Ask the children to explain what a holiday is and help them out with the definition if needed. A very long time ago, people believed that ghosts were real and were afraid of them. So they would dress up in costumes to fool the ghosts so they would not recognize them. Now we know that ghosts are not real and are nothing to be afraid of. So we dress up for Halloween for fun! Ask the kids what their favorite part of Halloween is. What are they dressing up as this year?


"Do not be afraid. He has Risen"

I want to start out with this to help the children understand they don't have to be afraid of things they may see this Halloween. It is pretty hard to hide from the dark and scary aspects of this holiday.

Matthew 10:28-33

(I pulled much of this lesson from ministrytochildren.com)

  1. “What are some things that come to your mind when you think about Halloween?”  Take input from the children.
  2. “Many of the things you have shared are scary things and things to do with death.  Would you say a big part of how people celebrate Halloween is to be scared and find fun in death?”
  3. “But, God tells us in the Bible that if we are His child who has accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, then we do not need to fear death.”

Singing this song can really help the kids feel that God is protecting them and keeping them safe!

There is also a Veggie Tales video called "Where's God When I'm S-S-Scared?" that is excellent for helping kids feel God protecting them all the time!


Making Slime!

1 cup water
1 cup cornstarch
Green food color

Mix ingredients well in a bowl. The sciency part is how the substance is both a solid and a liquid at the same time! You can let it "drip" from your hand to the table but you can also break it in half. The Halloween-ish part is that it is green slime! Have fun with this one.


Art - Spider Web Marble Painting

Marble painting is awesome because it creates an original masterpiece every time and it is also great for fine motor skills!

You will need a box that is big enough to fit a piece of paper at the bottom and has tall sides. You also need paper, paints, and a few marbles.

Place the paper in the bottom of the box. Squirt or drop a few different colors of paint onto the paper in various areas. (Let the kids pick their colors, I like to do 2 colors). Let them drop in a marble or two. Then they will shake the box around, tilting it one way and the other, in order to create their work of art. In the end they will look like a spider web! This will work really well if you use colors like brown, black and grey.

 Craft - Paper Plate Spiders

To go along with the spider web art, make spiders!

Materials Needed:

Paper plates
Black Paint
Googley eyes
Black construction paper
Black yarn

Directions - Paint the bottom of the paper plates black and allow to dry. While you wait, have the class help cut out the legs. They are easy so the kids can help! Just cut 8 strips out of the paper. Show them how to accordion fold them and set them aside. Once the paint is dry, punch a hole through one edge of the plate and tie the yarn through it. Let the kids attach their eyes (you could be more accurate and do 8 eyes) and the legs. When they are complete, hang them around the room. They look great hanging down from the ceiling!


Sequencing Puzzles

Download and print any of the puzzles you want. It is best to print onto card stock. Cut them through the vertical lines. The single horizontal line should not be cut through. The numbers at the bottom  are for number sequencing. Mix up the pieces. The children should be able put the puzzles together by placing the numbers at the bottom in order!
Halloween Sequencing Puzzles

Candy Corn Math

You will need a divided plate with 3 segments and a bunch of candy corn!
To help to visually understand addition, we will use some yummy Halloween candy! Place 1 candy corn in one small segment and 1 in the other. Talk the kids through the process of "adding" the 2 candies together. Point to 1 candy and say "one candy PLUS" point to the other "one candy EQUALS"? Physically take each candy from their small section and place them into the large section. Ask a child to tell you how many that makes. When they guess correctly, you could give them the candies! This is a motivator that I don't use often, but it is fun to use on special occasions. Continue this lesson by changing the number of candies in each section.


Fine - Toothpick Punching
The idea here is to punch holes around simple Halloween image, like tracing but with holes.

You need carpet remnant or sample squares, toothpicks, construction paper and a Sharpie.

Draw some simple Halloween shapes on the paper. You could also look up "Halloween template" online and come up with some if you don't want to freehand it! Place the paper on top of the carpet and instruct the kids to use the toothpicks to punch holes all around the line of the shape. When they are done you can tape them to the window and the light will shine through their holes!

This is excellent for concentration and for developing their hand-eye coordination.
(one idea I saw that seems like a great idea is to poke the toothpick into a cork or large eraser to make it easier for little hands to grasp)

Gross - Monster Mash Creature Bash

This is a simple game! Play the song "Monster Mash" and have the kids act out the Halloween characters as you shout them out! Simple, silly and great exercise!


Letter I, Short I Sound

Print the Letter I worksheet below. Talk about the items on the page and their names. The children will circle the items that begin with I.
Letter I Worksheet

Review the ig and ip lesson. Once you have reviewed them, read "The Big Hit" with the kids and focus on that short I sound.

Review the Short I lesson. Take the quiz this week!



Halloween is an odd mixture of creepy creatures, costume parties, and harvest festivals. It is also a confusing time for those hesitant to celebrate a holiday that traces its roots to pagan practices and beliefs.

Written by Harold Myra, President of Christianity Today, Inc., this trustworthy story is accompanied with fun, whimsical illustrations.


Go on a Halloween Hunt! Read the rebus pictures. Look for the hidden Halloween treats, pumpkins, and real live ghosts! For an added treat, find your way through mazes, solve puzzles and look for scary creatues in every scene....


I found both of these on everythingpreschool.com!

Three Little Witches
One little, two little, three little witches (Count on Fingers)
Fly over haystacks & fly over ditches (Make titanic flying motion)
Fly over moonbeams without any hitches (Make titanic flying motion)
Hey its Halloween night
One little, two little, three little witches. (Count on Fingers)
Fly over barb wire and tore their britches (Make titanic flying motion)
Had to go home and get some stitches. (Make titanic flying motion)
Hey, its Halloween night

Three Little Ghosts
Three little ghosts on Halloween night
Saw a witch and freaked in freight
The witch just laughed and shouted Boo!
One ghost ran home and then there were two
Two little ghost who shiver and shook
With every single step they took
When the door opened wide
A goblin stood inside
One ghost said to the other. . .
I'm going home and stay with my mother
One little ghost can't have much fun
so he ran home, and then there were none


Sticks, Stones & Bones Trail Mix 

(original idea found on delicateconstruction.com)

Peanuts (unless there is an allergy)
Cheerios or Rice Chex (stones)
Candy Corn (bones)
Pretzel Sticks (sticks)
Caramel Pieces

Set up by placing each ingredient in it's own container. Allow each child to pour one of the ingredients into a big bowl. Mix it all up. Portion out and serve!

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