Activities for ages 18 months to 2½!

Shape Planes

Click the link to find out how to make these super cute (and easy) shape planes...

Snowflake Letters
You can help toddlers learn about letters using snowflake the link
Snowy Hand Trees

Easy craft using their handprints and cotton balls...

Snow Bunnies Craft

Another easy craft using cotton balls. Just click the link and print the template to get started!

Toilet Roll Heart Stamping

Check out this adorable and easy craft!

Lots of Weather Crafts & Activities

Too many fun things to do for kids of all ages!

Painting with Cars

Using car wheels to paint is awfully fun!

Firefighter Pretend Play

fireman hat

Easily make these "hats" and pretend to be fire fighters all day long!

Egg Carton Color Sorter

Make this for your toddler and let them practice sorting by fun!

Ice Cube Painting

Even the kids that still put everything in their mouths can paint like this!

Teeth Counting Playdough Mats

Use white playdough to add teeth to the face...counting and playdough fun!

Foot Flowers Craft

These are fun to make anytime!

Police Car Shape Craft

Use this template to make a police car using simple shapes.

And keep looking through the other posts! There are activities for toddlers on almost every page.

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